Welcome to HWS

Welcome to the HWS official site.
Here at HWS we value creativity and unique way of thinking above all else. It is the centerpiece of our business philosophy and corporate culture. Being different and thinking outside the box is what makes us stand out from the crowd and the reason we excel at what we do. This is why we chose Columbus’ Egg as inspiration for the company’s image. The expression “Columbus’ Egg” refers to a discovery or accomplishment that appears simple or easy after the fact.

The origin of the expression comes from a dinner party at the Spanish Royal palace following Columbus’ discovery of the Americas where some of his “competitors” were trying to convince people around the table that his discovery wasn’t such an achievement, in the sense that anyone could take a boat and keep sailing west and they would eventually find the new continent.

Hearing that conversation Columbus challenged the men at the table to make an egg from that same table stand on its tip. After they gave up, Columbus simply tapped the bottom of the egg on the table thus flattening it and allowing it to stand. The story is often alluded to when discussing creativity and problem solving ability as well as the ability to see things differently and “think outside the box”.

Success at something other didn’t or couldn’t do, challenging peoples’ perception of how business should work and thinking innovatively are some of the basic characteristics of this company and the people who comprise it. Thank you for taking the time and feel free to explore the Egg and the site to get to know us better.